About GaiaGeek

What is Gaia?

In ancient Greek mythology, Gaia was the goddess of the Earth, and it’s been suggested that this may be the source of the idea of Mother Earth. Science has integrated the idea of  Gaia into  into scientific theories, such as the Gaia hypothesis, which proposes that the Earth functions much like a single organism, where all parts contribute to the whole – this being expanded upon with Gaia philosophy, a concept where living organisms consciously improve their environment.  In the popular computer-animated film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (viewable on Amazon), Gaia is recognized as the spirit of the Earth. Consumer electronics company Sanyo has declared a brand vision called Think Gaia, and says, “Gaia is a word rapidly taking hold in the 21st century, which describes the world as a single living organism,
where all life and nature co-exist interdependently.”

What is a GaiaGeek?

Whereas a geek generally refers to someone adept with computers and technology, a GaiaGeek is an eco-conscious geek, following the path of sustainable or “green” living with the aid of technology and maintaining awareness of the Earth, the environment and our impact upon it.

GaiaGeek.com is a source for information on ideas and technology which are beneficial to not only our lives personally, but which strive to increase sustainable living, now and for the coming generations which shall inherit the Earth.