Rewards Credit Cards For Frugal Travelers & Nomads

After your passport, I put credit cards next in line on the list of essential items for travel. If you’re going to spend any significant time abroad, you should review what cards you’ll use and, at the very minimum, make sure you won’t be paying hefty foreign transaction fees on […]

Linksys WRT400 Unbrick Guide

If you’ve come across this post through a web search, it’s likely that you’ve attempted upgrading the Linksys Cisco WRT400N router with an alternate firmware like DD-WRT, only to find it unresponsive. Having dealt with this problem more than once, and finding the instructions on forums not very straightforward (and […]

How to Keep Your Phone or Laptop Battery Healthy

I still sometimes encounter people who believe the myth that you should always let your device run down to 0% before charging it. In reality, this is one of the worst things you can do to the battery. With that in mind, here are some quick, simple guidelines for how […]

Complete Guide to the FreedomPop Global & LTE SIM

FreedomPop is offering GSM-based service that provides data in both the US and Europe – for free. (Update: The FreedomPop Global SIM has been discontinued. Some of the info below may still pertain to the LTE SIM, but as it’s become not worthwhile to buy and activate, I’ll no longer […]

International Maximum Carry-On Bag Size and Weight Limits

With airlines increasingly charging for checking a bag on your flight, it’s become common for many people to fly with only a carry-on bag (also known as “hand baggage” or “cabin baggage” in Europe). If you’re one of them, and looking to get the largest carry-on bag you can to avoid checking […]

The Best Prepaid International SIM Card

When it comes to traveling and your phone, it’s traditionally been the case that roaming in another country meant paying hefty per-minute costs to your home provider, often over $1 a minute or more for a phone call. There have long been companies offering prepaid international SIM cards, or global SIMs, to […]