Complete Guide to the FreedomPop Global & LTE SIM 39

FreedomPop is offering GSM-based service that provides data in both the US and Europe – for free. A relative newcomer to the US prepaid phone market, and formerly known as a reseller of Sprint’s devices and services, FreedomPop has ventured into the GSM world by offering their 3-in-1 Global SIM, allowing […]

International Maximum Carry-On Bag Size and Weight Limits 10

With airlines increasingly charging for checking a bag on your flight, it’s become common for many people to fly with only a carry-on bag (also known as “hand baggage” or “cabin baggage” in Europe). If you’re one of them, and looking to get the largest carry-on bag you can to avoid checking […]

The Best Prepaid International SIM Card 5

When it comes to traveling and your phone, it’s traditionally been the case that roaming in another country meant paying hefty per-minute costs to your home provider, often over $1 a minute or more for a phone call. There have long been companies offering prepaid international SIM cards, or global SIMs, to […]

LTE Bands Worldwide – The Ones That Matter Most 2

If you’re wondering whether the smartphone you bought (or the one you’re about to buy) will work with LTE in other countries, I regret to inform you that the LTE band situation is nothing less of a complete and total mess with 24 different bands used in countries throughout the world. […]

Electrolyte Packets for Travel or Survival?

This post began as a reply to a user comment questioning the claims made in this article on Lifehacker: Why You Should Add Electrolyte Packets to Your Outdoor Survival Kit. This is mostly focused on survival strategy, overlapping with travel advice. Probably the most medically established use for electrolyte supplementation is in […]

The Most Affordable Prepaid Smartphone & Data Services in the U.S.

If you’re planning a trip to the U.S. or you’re a local wanting to avoid an expensive monthly plan, here are some of the best options for prepaid SIM cards in the U.S., including options for both voice and data plans, as well as data-only plans. First things first: I’ll […]