How to Check for Conficker

The Conficker Working Group has created what they call Conficker Eye Chart to detect whether or not your computer has been infected by the Conficker worm. Go to the site and use the “How to interpret” section to figure out if your computer is infected with Conficker. If you see all six images at the top of the page, your system should be clean unless you’re using a proxy server – which you probably aren’t if you’re a home computer user, as proxies are usually used in business settings.

The page works based on the fact that certain variants of Conficker block access to certain websites, so if your computer is infected, you won’t see all the images.

If you think you are infected, you’ll want to get one of the removal tools – which may be tricky on the infected computer since Conficker blocks access to security websites. If you can’t download one of the tools, download it on another computer, boot up with a live CD or have a friend download it and send it to you in an email.

After removal, update your anti-virus software and do a full system scan. Even better, use a clean computer to download and burn an anti-virus live CD to do a proper scan of your system. You’ll also want to make sure your Windows updates are turned on (which can be done through Control Panel) and download and install any necessary updates.

If really want to be sure your system is clean, in my opinion the best thing to do is back up your personal files, wipe the drive and reinstall Windows. Viruses have become so good at hiding these days that it’s the only way to be certain your system is safe to use – and you’d be surprised how much better your computer runs after a fresh reinstall of Windows.

Any time you discover you’ve been infected by a virus, worm or other malware (not including adware), it’s a good idea to use a clean computer to change your passwords on your important accounts, including your bank, credit card and email accounts. Once you do change the passwords, don’t use the infected computer until you’re sure it’s safe.

Have you been infected by Conficker? Leave us a reply and maybe we can help.