Find What Carrier Your Kindle Uses Abroad

It’s pretty well known that AT&T is the service provider for the Kindle International in the US, giving you the ability to download books from virtually anywhere and also giving you basic access to the web. If you’re traveling outside the US, you can still access the Amazon Store along with Wikipedia in almost every country in the world. If you’re using your Kindle abroad and happen to be curious as to which wireless carrier your Kindle is connecting to, here’s a way to find out:

  1. Turn on your Kindle’s wireless connection
  2. From the Home screen, click the Menu button and go to Settings
  3. On the Settings page, type 611
  4. You’ll find an field called Network Name here about half-way down. This should be the service provider your Kindle is using. If it’s blank, read on.
  5. Look at the line below Network Name for MCC MNC. The entry here should be a 5-digit number. Take note of it.
  6. Look up the that number in this list of Mobile Network Codes on Wikipedia. The match is the wireless carrier you’re Kindle is connected to.

For example, in Berlin, Germany, my Kindle showed it’s MCC MNC as 262 07. Looking up this code on the Mobile Network Codes list showed a match with O2 Germany – one of the better 3G service providers in Germany. (It’s nice to know that Amazon isn’t skimping on their data service).