Your Hotel Room Safe May Not Be

If you typically stay in hotel rooms with an electronic safe in the room when you travel, you may want to double check just how safe your safe is. The following YouTube video reveals how a hotel room safe was unlocked by simply entering a default password of all zeros instead of the guest’s chosen password.

Now that this knowledge is out in the open, it makes hotel room safes with this vulnerability even less secure. The next time you stay in a hotel room and plan on using the safe, you should definitely check whether it’s possible to open it using all zeros before you stash your things in there thinking they’re secure.

If you do find your safe can be easily opened with this method and the hotel says there’s nothing they can do about it, you may not have a secure means of storing your laptop or other valuables. If you want to take the security of your belongings into your own hands rather than rely on your hotel to provide competent security, check out the best way to lock your laptop. While that article is focused on securing a laptop, the Pacsafe TravelSafe series of products (mentioned toward the end of the article) can provide the means to lock up almost any valuable that you might be traveling with. With the largest TravelSafe boasting a capacity of 20 liters, that’s actually more space than the average electronic safe you’ll find on the road – and you can rest assured it won’t be able to be opened with a series of zeros.

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