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Portable Solar Chargers: Tempting Toys

Solar power and technological gadgets are two things that interest me, and I recently obtained a small, portable solar charger which allowed me to fulfill my dreams of charging my devices with free, universally available power. Well, almost. It turns out that while these devices may be tempting gadgets, they’re really of limited practical use. […]

Western Digital Hard Drives Go Green

Slashdot has a discussion on Western Digital’s new low-power consumption Caviar GP hard drives – the GP standing for GreenPower. It turns out that not only do the drives save about 10W of power over other hard drives with similar specs, but these drives are some of the quietest hard drives around, making them ideal […]

Mitsubishi iMiEV Electric Car Photos

CNET has photos of the Mitsubishi iMiEV from the 2008 New York Auto Show. The 4-door car can get about 100 miles of travel when its lithium ion batteries are fully charged. This seems to be a more passenger oriented version than the car Mitsubishi unveiled last year, featured by Treehugger, which had a more […]

Warren Buffet is Investing in Railroads

CNN / Money Magazine note that self-made billionaire Warren Buffet has been investing in America’s railroads. The article points out that technology improvements have resulted in trains getting 80% more mileage from a gallon of diesel than they did in 1980, and that “for distances of more than 1,000 miles, using trains rather than trucks […]

Solar Plastic?

CNet’s Green Tech blog is reporting on solar company Konarka which has developed what amounts to solar-powered plastic. Flexible solar cells are not new, but this seems to take things a step further in that solar cells would be easily integrated with just about anything plastic. They are not as efficient as rooftop-type solar panels, […]

Pedal-Powered Phone, Laptop

This morning I took a second look at an old foot-powered sewing machine table in my friend’s apartment and got to thinking: if people were able to power a sewing machine by foot and still sew clothing, what else could be done with the power of our feet? First, here’s an example of the base […]