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Free In-flight Wi-Fi on Delta Airlines during August with GoGo

If you’ll be flying on Delta Airlines this month and want to gets some emails done during your flight, give the following a whirl: Log in to your account, view My Trips and check your upcoming trip to see if it will have Wi-Fi available Once you’re airborne, connect to the GoGo Wi-Fi and […]

Free WiFi on AirTran, American, Delta and Virgin America Flights from Gogo

(Updated with new codes.) AirTran, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Virgin America have started offering WiFi internet on select flights through Gogo Inflight Internet. According to this thread on, you can try it out for free if you’re on a flight where it’s offered by following these instructions: On the flight, connect to the […]

The Bigger Picture: 24 Hours of Flights

Using actual flight info from a single August day in 2008, Artist Aaron Kolbin created images which have now been merged with a Google Map and featured in Have a look, and note that as with any Google Map, you can double click to zoom in on a particular location (and get a better […]

International Maximum Carry-On Bag Size and Weight Limits

Since more and more airlines are charging for checking a bag on your flight, more and more people are trying to fly with only a carry-on bag. If you’re one of them, and looking to get the largest carry-on bag you can to avoid checking luggage, you need to consider what airlines you’ll be flying […]

Wired Wiki’s Airport Security Tips

Wired offers up a Wiki page on how to Fly Through Airport Security. One of the best points listed and something I always do myself is the practice of putting your wallet, keys, phone, watch and belt into your carry on bag. Anything else metal that can be easily removed should go in there as […]

How to Find a Cheap Airline Ticket

I’m often asked for advice on how to find a cheap airline ticket, so I’ve outlined my pointers for finding the cheapest tickets. – Head to and register for a free account. You can search for flights without registering, but doing so gives you the option to search with the “My dates are flexible” […]