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Give Up the Bottle – Grab a SteriPEN

While a rural Australian town may be the first to ban the sale of bottled water, whichever side of the great bottled water debate you fall on, there is an undeniable fact about drinking bottled water when traveling in developing countries: your empty bottles are almost certainly not being recycled, and instead destroying the beauty […]

The Best AA Rechargeable Batteries

We’ve all met the fate of dead or dying batteries, whether in a simple remote control or a high-end digital camera. If you find yourself regularly replacing batteries in your electronic devices, then perhaps it’s time you moved up to rechargeable batteries. Not only can you stop throwing disposable batteries into landfills, but you can […]

A Look at Peak Water

Wired Magazine is featuring an insightful article on Peak Water, with a look at the water supply situation in the Southwest U.S., London and Australia, noting the interdependency between water use and energy production. There are some interesting points throughout, such as the fact that a pair of jeans requires over 2,800 gallons of water […]

Google Shines Some Light on Earth Hour

If you’re a regular user of Google’s search engine home page, you may have noticed their page went from basic white to basic black in recognition of going dark for Earth Hour. The environmental campaign started in 2007 when Sydney businesses and residents powered down, resulting in a 10% city-wide energy reduction. Now the campaign […]