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The Best Portable Wi-Fi Router / Repeater

A portable Wi-Fi router can be a very handy thing to have when traveling. If you happen to get a room that has a poor Wi-Fi signal, a portable router will allow you to create a wireless access point right in your room from the Ethernet cable provided for internet access — assuming there is […]

Can’t Load Gmail on your Kindle?

If you have an E-Ink version of the Kindle, such as the Kindle Touch or Kindle Keyboard (formerly known as the Kindle 3), and you occasionally use the built-in “experimental” browser to check your Gmail, you may want to see if you can still load the Gmail website. It seems that Google that has recently made some […]

Flashlights for Travel: Ultra Light and Ultra Bright

One item which should definitely be on your pack list, especially if you’re headed to a country like India where power outages can occur almost daily, is a flashlight. Even if the power is working fine, you may need a flashlight to light your path after the sun goes down. If you haven’t bought a flashlight […]

The Best MP3 Player: The Sansa Clip+

If you’re looking for a way to play a sizable chunk of your music library on the run in a device with minimal size and weight, look no further than the Sansa Clip+. The Sansa Clip has been around for years now and has garnered a reputation as having top notch audio quality in a […]

Give Up the Bottle – Grab a SteriPEN

While a rural Australian town may be the first to ban the sale of bottled water, whichever side of the great bottled water debate you fall on, there is an undeniable fact about drinking bottled water when traveling in developing countries: your empty bottles are almost certainly not being recycled, and instead destroying the beauty […]

The Best AA Rechargeable Batteries

We’ve all met the fate of dead or dying batteries, whether in a simple remote control or a high-end digital camera. If you find yourself regularly replacing batteries in your electronic devices, then perhaps it’s time you moved up to rechargeable batteries. Not only can you stop throwing disposable batteries into landfills, but you can […]

The Best Travel Chargers for AA or AAA Batteries

If you travel with an MP3 player, portable speakers, electric shaver, flash light or digital camera that runs on AA or AAA batteries, you should seriously consider getting yourself some good rechargeable batteries and a charger. The latest rechargeable batteries last longer in most devices than standard alkaline batteries and you end up saving money […]