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The Best Way to Lock Your Laptop

It should be no surprise that laptops are one of the biggest targets for thieves, whether you’re on the road or at home. The loss of your laptop would not only bring the financial sting of losing a valuable item, but also the loss of your data, which you may not have backed up recently, […]

Pickpocket Prevention: Protecting Your Wallet

Pickpockets can often be a concern when traveling, and some major cities have even started posting “beware of pickpockets” signs in heavily touristed areas because it’s such a frequent problem. You can safe-guard your cash and passport by using a money belt, but they aren’t always practical – or even necessary. Here are a few […]

Revolving-Door Pickpockets

I caught two people working this scam while in Boston near the convention center. They watch for a group heading toward the revolving doors. One person gets ahead of you and the other right behind you. As you approach the door, the person in front slows down and, on going through the door, his packages […]

Beware of Mustard Thieves

The scam works like this: A nice looking girl or some other innocent looking person walks up to you at the airport or train station and points out that you have mustard on your clothing. They get you some napkins and try to help you get the mustard off your clothes. While you’re busy wiping […]

The Best AA Rechargeable Batteries

We’ve all met the fate of dead or dying batteries, whether in a simple remote control or a high-end digital camera. If you find yourself regularly replacing batteries in your electronic devices, then perhaps it’s time you moved up to rechargeable batteries. Not only can you stop throwing disposable batteries into landfills, but you can […]