Free In-flight Wi-Fi on Delta Airlines during August with GoGo

If you’ll be flying on Delta Airlines this month and want to gets some emails done during your flight, give the following a whirl: Log in to your account, view My Trips and check your upcoming trip to see if it will have Wi-Fi available Once you’re airborne, connect […]

The Best Carry-On Backpacks 2

With it practically a given now that on your next flight you’ll have to pay to check a bag, you may take a shot at flying with only a carry-on bag and not checking any luggage at all. More and more people are doing so, and there entire websites, such […]

How to Send Cheap International Text Messages (SMS)

For many people, text messages, a.k.a. SMS (Short Messages Service), have become the predominant way to communicate using their mobile phone. While sending a text message within your home country may be cheap or included in a monthly package, sending a text message to a foreign country is usually not […]

The Irony of My Citi Account Getting Hacked

As has been widely reported, credit card and banking giant Citi announced it’s network was hacked and that the personal data of thousands of customers may have been accessed, including names, phone numbers, email addresses and, most importantly, credit card numbers. Unlike most people, however, I didn’t hear about this […]

How to Make Phone Calls Online for Free

Whether you’re traveling abroad and wanting to stay in touch with loved ones back home or just trying to cut back on your mobile phone usage, knowing how to call someone from your laptop is definitely a good thing – and even better if it’s free. If you live in […]

Find What Carrier Your Kindle Uses Abroad

It’s pretty well known that AT&T is the service provider for the Kindle International in the US, giving you the ability to download books from virtually anywhere and also giving you basic access to the web. If you’re traveling outside the US, you can still access the Amazon Store along […]